SHEMFORD Junior Wing

With its colourful, attractive and well-designed surroundings, our Preschool Wing is really a child's dreamland. It provides specially-designed rich learning material and scope for creative activities such as Reading, Painting, Story Telling, Dressing Up, Make-Believe Games, Scribbling Boards, Jumbles, Jigsaws, Building Blocks, Finger Painting, Clay Modelling, Paper Tearing, Folding and Pasting along with Role-playing Games in the Doll House Corner that help the child in understanding people in different phases of life. The basic concepts of numbers and mathematical understanding are also developed through the experience of buying and selling in the Arcade Shops. The use of modern audio-visual aids such as T.V., V.C.R., Projectors help to build up the child’s interest and make learning easy.


The Outdoor Play-Pen includes swings, slides, jungle gym, sand pit, water pool, tunnels, giant bouncy, mini train, merry-go-round and many other types of equipment. Through the use of appropriate apparatus, children develop their co-ordination skills required to play more organized games when they grow older. Further, the occasional elephant/horse rides, magic shows, bear shows, monkey shows, puppet shows and intimacy with animals & birds, provides our children with an opportunity to develop their confidence. The children are provided with filtered/mineral/R.O. water that is served within the school so that the children are not required to carry water bottles.



SHEMFORD Senior Wing

Ultra-modern SMART CLASSROOM Technology
The SHEMFORD SMART CLASSROOM technology is a world-class technology-enabled teaching tool in which special classrooms are created, equipped with multiple display monitors and big screen plasma TVs and a PC for teachers. These mediums are digitally connected to the Knowledge Centre. Through the Knowledge Centre, excellent teaching resources such as animation clips, videos, pictures, diagrams and working models are brought straight into the classrooms.


Language Development Programmes - Language Lab
The Language Development Programme supports students whose learning styles have been creating barriers to their academic progress. It also helps to remove any flawed accents and any sort of communication-based hesitation that the child may have when speaking a language or communicating in a group.


This programme has been designed to help the students develop a sense of awareness of what are the shortcomings in their respective learning styles and also to improve upon their language skills. This also helps them plan their study routines which further facilitate the entire learning process.


In order to ensure the holistic development of a child, special focus is laid upon making the education process more comprehensive. This has been achieved with the establishment of:


Science Park
The SHEMFORD Science Park is an innovative and novel concept of teaching science to the students through a ‘Learning through Doing’ method that emphasizes upon learning through experimentation, observation and self-exploration. The Science Park is complete with multiple open-air play models and exhibits various formulas and principles of various sciences including Physics and General Science. The Park also has Live Models.


For example, it includes models based on the Newton's Disc Persistence of Vision, Musical Pipes, Lever Arm and Transfer of Energy. These are installed on the lush green lawns of the SHEMFORD campus. The concept of creating a Science Park was conceived with an endeavour to help the children develop a logic-based scientific aptitude and to understand the various scientific theories through the application of basic concepts of science in their daily lives. The interest that the Science Park generates, reflects in our children’s attitude towards other subjects at the school.


State-of-the-Art Laboratory Systems
To enhance the learning ability and skill & impart a practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school has developed modern laboratory systems including:

  • Multimedia Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Mathematics Lab
  • Social Sciences (History & Geography Museums)
  • Computer Lab


Music & Dance Room
Children are taught to appreciate music and dance by a team of dedicated and talented teachers who have mastered the art of engaging them in melody and rhythm. Here, the students are taught folk, light and classical music along with playing various musical instruments like the sitar, harmonium, bongo, etc. The fundamentals of various dance forms are also taught to students, who have an inclination towards dancing, by qualified Indian & Western dance teachers.


Art & Craft Studio
To suffice the artistic appetite of the young creators, painters and craftsmen, the school building has a spacious Art & Craft work station. The children are encouraged to create their own colourful interpretations of what they see around them. Under the able guidance of our Art & Craft teachers, the children are encouraged to undertake many fun-filled activities like cutting and pasting, drawing and colouring which are displayed in a specially-designed display window to make sure that the children feel appreciated for their efforts.


Exhaustive Library
Learning through self-study and reading are important skills that ensure developing habits of sustained learning, which is an indispensable tool for the future for our students. For this purpose, a well-equipped and well-stocked library with different types of books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and other reading material is available. Every child is encouraged to develop healthy reading habits by regularly visiting the library during fixed library periods and even during scheduled break times. We have a qualified librarian to maintain the library and make sure that each book or any other reading material is placed systematically, in an easily-retrievable way.