Next Steps

To Start your own SHEMFORD branch, just follow the following steps

  • Fill the Franchise Evaluation Form
  • Get the Site Approved by the SHEMFORD Management
  • Sign the Standard Franchise Agreement
  • Confirm the Funding Arrangements with Financial Institutions ( if required )
  • Start the School Design Process and Incorporate the Innovative ShemEduMAX(TM) Concepts in the Layout
  • Start the School Construction
  • Procure Teaching Equipment, Furniture, ICT Equipment etc. from Suppliers
  • Follow SHEMFORD guidelines to attract & appoint quality staff and arrange for their training on the ShemEDuMAX(TM) System
  • Launch the School with advertisements and PR in Consultation with the SHEMFORD Marketing Department
  • Congratulations! Now just follow the SHEMFORD School System & the ShemEDuMAXtm Curriculum on a day-to-day basis to ensure a World-Class Schooling Experience for your Children

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