The renowned Management of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools has developed an exclusive in-house Education System called ShemEduMAXTM. The research-based school system ShemEduMAXTM integrates various aspects of education, personal growth and development of the children. ShemEduMAXTM also combines various aspects of child education, by inculcating Conducive Learning Environments, Child-Centred Curriculum, Engaging Teaching Methods and Individualized Evaluation Programme, to make learning Interesting, Engaging and Motivating. The award winning educationists, who have designed the ShemEduMAXTM system, have invested a lot of time, efforts and resources for the development of the System of Education, which makes it unique and futuristic.


In this section, you will get a detailed description of our unique in-house, research based, comprehensive school system and curriculum, ShemEduMAXTM.

ShemEduMAXTM Programme

Parent Participation Programme


SHEMFORD Training Programme