Franchise Requirements

Minimum Requirement of land for a Nursery-Class 12th School (Day School)

There are 4 major categories that require different land areas for opening a school. They are as follows:

  • In metropolitan cities, with a population exceeding 25 lakhs, the land should not be less than 1 acre.
  • The minimum land area required for the schools in Delhi is 1 acre and for NCRs is 5 acres.
  • In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre. The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the eligibility in hilly areas.
  • In all other places, the school must possess at least about 2 acres of land.

The land requirement has been finalized considering the fact that a school must have enough space for an adequate building and space for proper playgrounds for imparting physical health education and conducting games.

In case of lease, it has to be for a minimum period of 30 years and in favour of the Society/School by a registered deed.

Land Area for Residential School

A Residential School must possess about 15-20 acres of land. Such a school is to be affiliated with CBSE Board. These schools are truly global in approach and can be setup in India or Abroad.

Apart from the land, you need to invest on the construction, the cost of which may be ranging from Rs 700 per sq. ft. onwards (including furniture and interiors), depending on the fee that is being targeted by the school. You can always seek to secure bank funding for a majority of this amount. Banks may provide you a one-year moratorium, which will help you comfortably focus on the school. Within a year, you will be settled & able to start paying the bank installments easily. Hence, essentially to start a school, you need the required land and some working capital too.

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